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My role

Lead UX


Born Group


Changi Airport Group

The challenge

To establish Changi Airport Group’s position as a dominant market leader, Born is tasked to implement a future-ready omnichannel shopping experience to provide flexibility and scalability with an online experience similar to the unique experience CAG co-creates with brands. Mllions of travelers across the globe would need to access the site and expect features that are personalised to their individual journeys.

The outcome

The new iSC 3.0 is rich in personalised content based on user’s browsing history ultimately guiding them in making a better purchase decision.

Key learnings from 3 weeks of Discovery Workshops

  1. Improve overall usability, page load speed, design, product availability, consistency and navigation in iShopChangi 3.0

  2. Enhance the hierarchy and flow of the site with insights from google analytics and stakeholders.
  3. To communicate that it is safe to shop at iShopChangi and products are authentic
  4. Highlight and integrate Changi Rewards as part of iShopChangi
  5. Smart functions (e.g. recommended products, gift finder) at appropriate places to help customers make better choices
  6. Enhance customer experience for online and offline
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Site map
customer journey

The revamp

4 main areas of focus:

  1. Divert the customers to the right level of personalisation
  2. Bringing a touch of luxury to the marketplace
  3. Attracting the Chinese market
  4. Integrating omnichannel efforts

Divert the customers to the right level of personalisation 

1. Managed visitors' expectations by filtering them to the right experience from the get go as some of the inventory have delivery / travel restrictions. Instead of using a pop-up dialog, the prompt appears at the top of the page, the first entry point to onboard the customers in a less disruptive manner.

filtering visitors

2. Using AEM, modules are prioritised based on google analytics and qualitative findings to capture the visitor's interest and conversion. Curated collection modules offer unique product selections that can help users to find the products they love. These collections are generated based of users’ demand and/or market trends.

AEM modules

3. Embedding the DNA of Changi Loyalty into the different touchpoints, nudging the users' subsconsciousness that their shopping experience is always rewarded.

changi loyalty

A touch of luxury within a marketplace


1. iShopChangi carries luxury brands that are found within the Changi transit terminals. In order to distance themselves from the usual marketplace, multi discount tags are replaced in favour one single promo tag . The overall product tile card has ample white space and curated product image to give the illusion of luxury.

2. Working together with the luxury brands, special storefronts are designed for these official stores using a unique yet consistent template.


Attracting the Chinese Market


1. China comes in second place (at 25.63%) in terms of visitors of iShopChangi site. By understanding their browsing habits, a couple of special UX were recognised. Firstly, a long scroll format is preferred. The layout of the  product carousel components too were adapted such that the browsing experience is slightly different when the country code is switched to China.

Due to stakeholder choice, the long scroll format is implemented on the Singapore site as well. However, the flow of the homepage has been prioritised such that local customers would have tap/click on a category that appeals to them right away in the first couple of folds due to deep understanding of their shopping behaviour.


Integrating omnichannel efforts


1. Bringing offline events and personas online by designing omnichannel centric modules.